Marking Period 2 Reading Analysis

During the marking period I read 732 pages in total between the three books I read. I read Asking For It, by Louise O’ Neill and Written On The Body, by Jeanette Winterson, and also Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, by Jeanette Winterson. These novels were an easy read because of the story plot in each of them, they each had their own interesting story lines which were very intriguing and made me want to spend more time reading. I even found myself reading out of school while I was at home. Which was a big step and also one of my personal reading goals. I was very happy and content with how this trimester turned out with reaching my reading goals. I also felt that some of my writing goals have been reached due to reading more often and engaging more in the stories I had been reading.

The author Jeanette Winterson writes young women dealing with conflicts in her novels and it’s easy to find ways in which I could relate to them in these stories. Written On The Body, Jeanette Winterson, is a novel about love and passion, while featuring an unnamed narrator whose gender is never identified. The narrator experiences a series of unhappy love affairs, finds their soulmate, Louise, but is forced to make a choice between their happiness and Louiseā€™s. I also enjoyed Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, by Jeanette Winterson which is a novel about a coming of age girl who rebels against her congregation and discovers she is lesbian. Another story I enjoyed was reading Asking for It, by Louise O’ Neill because of the conflicts that take place in the story that deal with the main character Emma, as she was so used to a perfect life with a perfect reputation until an incident occurs which changes her whole life.

By reading these stories I found that they helped me grow so much as a reader and even as a writer, I discovered more within myself and my own love for reading which had simmered out over the years. I even discovered over time that it became easier to pick up a book at home instead of get on my phone or watch tv, or do something not as productive. This was pleasing for me as I used to be an avid reader back in middle school and also freshman year. I would say I also grew as a reader because of these novels which gave me a more challenging read and forced me to read deeper into these stories. I would say for future references that I would pick up more challenging books like these that I read which were less 0f a dessert read but were still very interesting and pushed me as a reader.

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